Pro-face Celebrates 30 years of our GP Series of HMIs

Ann Arbor, MI – February 1, 2019 - In February 2019, Pro-face will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our very popular Pro-face GP Series, the world’s first HMI.

Pro-face began taking orders for this product in November 1988, and commenced delivery officially in February 1989. From its debut, Pro-face has accelerated the sales of the human machine interface (HMI) solutions by developing various products, including the first panel computer, HMI with controller, and many more. Pro-face has since led the industry by supporting a broad range of industrial customers choosing to adopt our solutions.

In 2000, we were the first company to include Ethernet as a standard feature in our HMIs. This drove the introduction of IT at production sites by enabling the display and manipulation of all information required on the work floor using HMIs. Pro-face has also supported increasingly sophisticated manufacturing with our line of industrial PCs and the SP5000 series.

In 2019, Pro-face will contribute to the further evolution of production worksites by delivering to our customers ”HMI Centric” solutions that place the operational management staff at the center of the digital revolution. We will continue to offer new value to our customers around the globe by creating the future of human interfaces that are simple and easy-to-use for everyone through the incorporation of leading-edge technology and innovative ideas.

Pro-face hardware and software is installed in more than 300,000 factory-floor systems worldwide. Pro-face America is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has employees, sales, and support representatives located worldwide.  For more information about Pro-face products visit


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